MKS INDUSTRIES is backed by strong infrastructural facilities to support our manufacturing processes.Our range of machineries includes 2 laser cutting machine, 3 CNC Bending machine, 3 NC Shearing machine , arc welding machine, MIG weldingmachine and other tools & tackles.

Our Capacity:

Laser Cutting Machines:

1) 3000 x 1500 mm bed size & 3 kw Laser cutting machine – 1 No
2) 3000 x 1500 mm bedsize& 2.5 kw Laser cutting machine – 1 No

Press Brakes:

1) 4.1 Mtr X 260 tonne CNC Press Brake - 1 No
2) 3.1 Mtr x 110 tonne CNC Press Brake – 1 No
3) 3 Mtr X 100 tonne NC Press Brake - 1 No
4) 2.5 Mtr X 80 tonne Press Brake - 1 No

Shearing Machines:

Hydraulic Shearing NC:

1) 4.1 Mtr X 16 mm Mild Steel (MS),
4.1 Mtr X 10 mm Stainless Steel (SS) -1 No
2) 3.1 Mtr x 6 mm Mild steel (MS) – 1 No

Mechanical Shearing:

1) 3 Mtr X 10 mm Mild Steel (MS)
2) 3 Mtr X 6 mm Stainless Steel (SS) - 1 No

Other Equipment:

1) Arc welding machine – 4 Nos
2) MIG welding machine – 1 No
3) 75 tonne power press

Design Team:

We have a well experienced design team who can understand the customer requirements and exactly cater to their needs. Our design team can also clarify your problems on design and manufacturability of a product by laser cutting.

We have specialized software's for Designing and sheet nesting which makes maximum material utilization with minimum scrap.

In-plant facilities:

We have E.O.T Crane which can operate across the entire build up area for easy loading and unloading of raw materials and finished goods. So, processing higher thickness of bigger sheet size is easy for us.

Transport Facilities:

We have our own transport vehicle for customer service at a nominal price. Our motive is to make sure that the Products reach customers place at right time and without any hassles.

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